Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31

Vintage bingo cards.


  1. Love the bingo cards. They are a classic.

  2. oooh! we used to have an old bingo set that looked like the top right card -- had clear glass markers that clicked together when you played. loved it.

    not sure i get the war bingo card. were they rationing the ink to print the numbers? :)

  3. so nice

  4. OOOOHHH. You are fun! I love collections and it is fun to see yours. I started out as a young girl with my first "official" collection. Pigs! Wow, I had a lot of pigs. I have moved on to mostly vintage finds now. Such fun to find just what you love and then display it lovingly!

    Mermaid Debbie

  5. just found your blog great stuff

  6. What a magnificent idea. I just shared your site with my followers and I do hope they stop by to experience the emotions, thoughts, pragmatic and aesthetic choices that are produced on the journey of collecting.

    While I write about crafting and its broader implications in everyday life, I'm heavily versed in the New York art world. I've worked in corporate and museum art collections as well as in theft and restitution of stolen art.

    Last week, I wrote about starting a collection by auctions, a topic which I will explore more before I talk about galleries and so forth. I'm excited to see what I can learn from you, an impassioned collector and documenter of history!

  7. Ahh, I must be missing this, but do you have an RSS feed? I see the email option. . .

  8. I love this set.

    Every Easter my grandfather would lead all of the kids in a game of Bingo. It was a special day when he brought his vintage game set to me so that the tradition could continue now that we are all grown up.

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  10. not sure i get the war bingo card. were they rationing the ink to print the numbers? :)

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  11. not sure i get the war bingo card. were they rationing the ink to print the numbers? :) friv

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