Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 234

Vintage Russian passports (part one).


  1. Actually none of the things are passports.
    In soviet union it was all about papers, certificates, books. It was even joked at in the Perestroika times, my father gave my mother a certificte of a beloved woman.
    I'm not sure how to translate into English, but you have:
    left-hand top corner: a certificate №4 stating that the holder is a "veteran of work"
    middle line, two left docs: trade union ticket and a grey membership cooperative card
    couldn't make out the one in the bottom left-hand corner
    then in the middle, the big white book is a certificate given in Ukraine (although it was all USSR, obviously) stating that the holder was studying at a faculty "majoring" in rural law (whatever that means)) and passed an exam
    the small pink book in the middle says, i guess, that the person was good at his work at the factory and the red-letter quote on the left says "We will reach the victory of the communist labour" (not sure I translated accurately)
    on the right part you have two certificates (it's two different names in Russian, but the translate as "certificate" both)
    Just thought you might be interested. That's an impressive collection, I've never seen these things =)

  2. wow, this one is truly a unique collection! I'm surprised these were even available for purchase somewhere. I would love a little back story

  3. trolleybus: Thanks for the info!! Very interesting!! I really appreciate it.

  4. I would love this collection. Lucky you!

  5. love that this is only part 1 of the collection.. amazed and cant wait to see part 2!

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