Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day 262

Vintage ephemera (part of much larger collection).


  1. Hello Lisa--I have enjoyed your collection blog all year. I have never
    thought of myself as a collector, except of antique buttons, until you
    started your blog. About half the time I open it and chuckle because
    I have those things too and have just never thought of them as a collection. I am a painter and photographer and share a photo blog
    with two dear friends at

  2. I adore anything with handwriting on, it makes it seem so personal, like you are one step closer to the person who originally owned it.

  3. I have so enjoyed your daily collections project and get envious of most... I want some of that old ephemera!!! even though I have plenty of "stuff" saved from the finality of landfill...

  4. really awesome stuff, me and a friend have been doing a photoblog a day to, with the intentions of lasting a year. you should check us out, stripesarelame

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